DMSS is pleased to let you know that we have made a substantial investment in a programme known as Swim America. DMSS is the sole licensed Swim America holder for the whole of Botswana.

What is SwimAmerica?

Swim America is the most well reputed learn-to-swim programme in the world. It provides the Programme Director with a general curriculum stating what elements to teach, when to teach them, with specific goals & objectives in mind, known as Stations. When a swimmer achieves the elements of one station, he progresses to the next.

Why SwimAmerica?

Many swim schools in Botswana benchmark their performance against DMSS, but we have always striven to benchmark ourselves against standards abroad, in order to offer a world class service.
So, it makes sense to combine the experience of Darrell Morton, who has taken Botswana swimmers to the highest possible level in the form of the Olympics, with the decades of experience and observations of Coaches from the world’s leading swimming country, the USA.

How does it work?

All DMSS groups will now follow the curriculum, from group 10 all the way up to silver squad, with Darrell Morton writing each individual session based on the Swim America curriculum. Learning will thus not be static, it will be goal driven, progressive and remain technique-oriented.

Contact: 71619388 / 3973383 | Email: info@dmss.co.bw