DMSS began in 1999. It was founded, and is still owned and operated by Darrell Morton. As an ex-competitive swimmer Darrell Morton understood the dynamics of competitive and age group swimming. From humble beginnings, Darrell began offering private lessons to school students in order to enhance their school level swimming. This was at a stage where Botswana did not have a swimming federation, nor a National team and swimming outside of private schools was non-existent. Darrell’s vision saw potential in a country that had already made huge strides in the field of athletics, and immediately began sharing this vision with a small group of swimmers. One of Botswana’s first two Olympic swimmers, Samantha Paxinos was among this small group, who under the tutorship of Darrell from the tender age of 9, eventually her goal of representing Botswana at the Beijing Olympic Games in 2008, more than 10 years later. Soon, Darrell initiated a tour with his small group of swimmers and attended, for the first time ever, the SA Winter Nationals in Sasolburg, South Africa. A few years later, Darrell Morton initiated a meeting with the Botswana National Sports Council to spearhead a swimming Federation in Botswana. The parents of the group that toured Sasolburg, continued working on the establishment of the federation, drawing advice from Darrell, and soon The Botswana Swimming Sports Association was formed. In the meantime, DMSS was growing at an immense pace, through word of mouth on the quality of service that remains a hallmark of DMSS to this day, to over 80 swimmers. Rosheen, Darrell’s sister joined him on deck, and within a year, DMSS had over 200 swimmers enrolled, testimony to the powerful combination of Darrell passion for stroke technique and Rosheen’s love of children. DMSS soon expanded its services to include instruction to children at Nursery Schools, contracting transport services to lift the children to a pool venue and back to school and in 2007 reached a peak of over 900 swimmers enrolled. With this growth and expansion, more staff were needed – 6 additional instructors and 6 support staff members. Among these was Allison La Grange who has assisted DMSS for the past 8 years, and Darrell’s wife, Loredana Morton who currently heads the Nursery School Programme. DMSS expanded to 3 locations, a partnership with Thornhill Primary School saw the heating of a 25m training pool, as well as an agreement with the University of Botswana for usage of the Olympic size training pool, and 3 years ago, investment in it’s own facility through a land partnership agreement with Sunbeam Academy in the village for an Indoor heated learner pool. It has been this vision for excellence that has contributed to the position DMSS continues to enjoy – the swim school of choice in Botswana.

Contact: 71619388 / 3973383 | Email: info@dmss.co.bw